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  • Group flight - KKIA to KAIA


    SAUDIA Virtual sponsored group flight will take place onn next Thursday, October 15,

    their will be from King Khaled Intl. Airport - Riyadh (OERK) to King Abdulaziz Intl. Airport Jeddah (OEJN).

    Departure time: 1800Z

    Please connect online at 1745Z

    Route: DURMA G782 ASLAT

    If you want participate, please open the link below and fill out the form so that we can send you your flight information.


    If you will fly in SAUDIA Virtual during group flight after your flight you will receive the group flight award.


    1- Please connect online at 17:45Z.

    2- Anyone will fly on SAUDIA virtual will receive group flight award.





    We hope...

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    Group Flight Riyadh to Sharm E

    rnrnIt Will Be Group Flight From Riyadh (OERK) To Sharm El-Shaikh (HESH) ISA rnrnDeparture Time :- 18:30Z rnrnMust Be Online in Airport :- 18:00ZrnrnAltn Airport :- Gurdaga (HEGN) rnrnFlight Level :- Must Be EVEN LEVEL rnrnCall Sign Must Be :- Saudia (SVA), Nas Express (KNE) Or EgyptAir ( MSR )rnrnrnKing Khaled INTL Scenery :- El-Shaikh Scenery :- sure you have the charts rn- king kahled international (OERK) Sharm El-Shaikh international (HESH) you want to join us as a pilot please fill those information Here and I Will send the rest of the information on email :- ATC...

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    The Annual Hajj Event 2015


    In very close past days, we had one of the most celebrated events in the Islamic calendar, and one of the world's largest public gatherings; more than 2.5 million Muslims arrive to the Holy Place of Makkah to perform Hajj (Islamic pilgrimage). Almost 40% of this number arrives by air to Jeddah (JED/OEJN) and Madinah (MED/OEMA) in a very short period of time.


    IVAO HQ Event and Saudi Arabia Division are pleased to announce the launch of Annual Hajj Event 2015; All IVAO are invited to join our biggest event throughout the year.


    The event...

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    VA-List & Aeolus Alliance Even


    IVAO Italy , Aeolus Alliance and IVAO Belgium are inviting you to participate in the 04th of September Event. It will be covered with ATCs along the way.. flights will be available for booking and you can choose the Aircaft and Callsign like you want

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    Riyadh RFE 2015

    The Saudi Division is inviting you to participate in the Riyadh RFE 2015 that simulates the real flights departing and arriving the King Khalid Int\'l. Airport (OERK) at the Saudi capital Riyadh. Flights will be available for booking and you can choose the flight you like either departure or arrival of domestic or international flights

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